First Peter Sermon Series

This spring and early summer we will journey verse by verse through the book of First Peter in a series we are calling “Living in the New Creation.”

The Apostle Peter’s words of encouragement offer reassurance not only to Christians in first century Asia Minor but also to us and our neighbors in 21st century West Seattle. There is enormous hope in this text and we plan to mine it week by week so that our lives might be transformed by the Word of God taking root in us.

Though life can be stormy, though we may face difficulty, and even the possibility of maltreatment, Jesus Christ is our steady anchor. First Peter is perhaps the most concise New Testament account of Christian faith and the conduct it inspires.”

Let’s approach this series in First Peter as a window to see anew how the Gospel of Jesus Christ is lived out in the midst of a predominantly unbelieving society.

I’m looking forward to launching this series with you all on Sunday.

—Pastor Jesse

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