Pastor Nominating Committee Update

Congregational Meeting – May 14, 2017, 9:30am
Election of the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC)

Process to develop slate of candidates for the Pastor Nominating Committee:


1. Congregation made recommendations. More than 40 names were received.

2. Pre-PNC event April 9th held for potential candidates to learn about serving on a PNC.

3. 26 individuals agreed to be considered

4. Church Nominating Committee and the Session met April 19th to establish the process for selecting a slate and agree on the following necessary attributes for a candidate to serve on the PNC, listed in alphabetical order:

  • ability to keep confidentiality
  • Biblically grounded
  • candid, willing to speak his/her mind
  • commitment to attendance and engagement
  • commitment to the church as a whole
  • evidence of spiritual growth
  • faithfulness to mission study results
  • knowledge of our reformed faith
  • know when to speak, when to listen
  • not domineering or overpowering
  • open-mindedness to ideas
  • prayerful attitude
  • spiritual discernment

5. Church Nominating Committee and the Session met again on April 26th to discern a representative slate of candidates and now recommend these West Side members to serve as the Pastor Nominating Committee:

  • Katie Batts
  • Rick Boogaard
  • Jill Campbell
  • Sid Hoagland
  • Josh Kutz
  • Dolores Latham
  • John Jacobs
  • Hugh MacLean
  • Elaine McMinn

Together these nine members represent the diversity of West Side: men, women, new members, long time members, under 35, missions and outreach, worship, discipleship of all ages, and commitment to attendance, engagement, and the mission of West Side. To see more about each of the members, click HERE.

Note: should a member of West Side want to add a nominee, the nomination may be made from the floor of the meeting and must be agreed to by the nominee.

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