Calling Our Next Pastor

Calling our Next Pastor

PNC Update

November 1, 2017

Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC)  ~  Ask, Seek, Knock
(from the November issue of The Good News newsletter)

We (the PNC) are regularly reminded that our pastor search is a process, not an event; a process of discernment to discover who God is calling to be the next pastor for West Side Presbyterian Church. The pre-search phase is fundamental to an effective search process; the pre-search phase included our church-wide survey, the Mission Study, naming of the PNC and preparation of the Ministry Information Form (MIF). Recall that our MIF provides a narrative picture of the mission and ministry of West Side, our sense of call, our demographics, history, theology, values, leadership needs and expectations.

The MIF is complete, it was approved by Session and passed onto Presbytery in mid-October; Presbytery’s Committee on Ministry (COM) followed with their approval soon after and our approved MIF was entered on-line with the Church Leadership Connection (CLC). The CLC is an important tool in the overall call process; it is a web-based system in compliance with the Book of Order that provides global access and visibility to all potential candidates to see our job opening and the MIF.

The next phase of the search process will likely begin in the coming weeks when, via the CLC system, potential candidates will begin to submit a Personal Information Form (PIF), or resume, for review by the PNC. The PNC is called and committed to prayerfully consider and thoroughly evaluate each PIF; every member of the PNC will have access to every PIF received.

Remember the congregation’s commitment to keep the PNC in thought and prayer during this process in the months ahead; pray with us for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, discernment and unity.

For the PNC,
John Jacobs

PNC Update

July 27, 2017

Presented by John Jacobs, Sunday morning, July 23, 2017

I am here this morning on behalf of my pastor nominating committee (PNC) colleagues to give you an update on our progress in the call process.

Understanding the process and the entire sequence of events is, as I am learning, somewhat important.

The call process begins when the tenured pastor (Paul) makes the call to Presbytery, or more specifically the COM (Presbyterians love acronyms) or Commissions on Ministry, to share news of his planned retirement.

The process continues with the appointment of our interim pastor and then rolls into a very important piece of the process, our Mission Study.

The Mission Study started with the Listening Circles earlier this year, followed by the Holy Cow survey and then the series of meetings of the Mission Study group, which many of you were part of.

The Mission Study final product is close to being complete; I believe the writers will presented to session in the coming week.

The Mission Study is our story; the Mission Study is our assessment of who we are, who is God calling us to be and where is God calling us to go.

Once the Mission Study is adopted or approved by session, this becomes the data or the document that the PNC uses to prepare, another acronym, the MIF – Ministry Information Form – the MIF provides a narrative picture of the mission and the ministry is described by you, the congregation.

This form ultimately becomes the job posting within the Presbyterian system where searching candidates can come, read and see what were all about and make the decision if they would like to apply.

An interested candidate will ultimately submit a PIF – Personal Information Form.  For those involved in past pastor searches you may have heard of this called a dossier or simply a resume, but for us will go with PIF.

Now, in this process we have a little ways to go, the PNC will likely start to see some of these dossiers sometime in September or October, it is then we will start to be a little more active reviewing candidates and such. So, the next time you hear from us probably be in the fall when we have something more to report.

Last week, when commissioned, you, the congregation, committed to keep the PNC in your thoughts and prayers in the months ahead and pray with us for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for that.

Pastor Nominating Committee Formed

July 1, 2017

Meet our Pastor Nominating Committee

Congregation Assessment

April 2, 2017

We Want to Know Your Story!

As you know, West Side is preparing to call our next pastor. A big part of what leads to a successful pastoral search is the ability to articulate our story as God’s people. To this end the session has recently agreed to move forward with Holy Cow! Consulting to help us plan our future. You have been selected to participate in the first step which is to conduct a congregational assessment. This assessment will provide a clear picture of who we are as a church and what directions are most important for our future.

The tool we’ll use is the Congregation Assessment Tool (CAT), which will provide key indicators of our congregational health along with areas of challenge and potential growth. It will help us to collect and understand the range of views that exist at West Side Presbyterian Church and the possibilities, willingness, capacity and energy for moving our ministry into the future.

On Sunday, April 9th you will receive an email with a unique web link to complete the online assessment. The link will also be accessible here on our website beginning the 9th.

If you would like to complete the assessment at West Side, we will have computers available on Sunday, April 9th, 23rd and 30th in the chapel. There will also be access to computers during church office hours (TuesdayFriday9am-5pm). If you would prefer to take the assessment using a paper copy, please stop by the office and a survey will be provided for you to fill out.

NOTE: If there is only one email address for all members of your household, it may be tempting to have one person take the survey on behalf of the family. However, please be sure your spouse and all young adults living in your home have an opportunity to complete the survey.  INDIVIDUAL INPUT is key to our gaining insight into overall perceptions and experiences.

Please set aside enough time to answer all the questions. This will take about 20-30 minutes. All survey responses are strictly anonymous.

The assessment will run between April 9 and May 1, 2017.

On Sunday, April 9th make plans to join us at 9:40am for our second Congregational Conversations. We will be discussing the “big picture” aspect of the interim process, including this congregation assessment. We hope to see you there!

Thank you for your willingness to be a part of this congregational assessment and for helping to build West Side’s future.

If you have questions, please contact the church office ( or 206-935-4477).

Pastor Shari

Pastor Nominating Committee

March 9, 2017

If you would like to nominate a member to be a part of the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC), please submit the Recommendation Form. The deadline to submit is April 7, 2017.

Listening Circles

March 9, 2017

In December 2016 and January 2017 we conducted to Listening Circles to hear what the West Side Congregation had to say. See the Listening Circle Report that session compiled.

Road Map to West Side’s New Pastor

November 2016

Following the retirement of a beloved pastor Presbyterian churches like ours enter a time of discernment. We call this time “interim ministry”. It’s helpful to think of Interim Ministry as taking place in three stages:

  • Advent – beginning to anticipate the future while coming to terms with the past
  • Advance – crafting a Church Mission Study by exploring our values, culture, demographics, and identity
  • Ask, Seek, Knock – calling, commissioning, and trusting the guidance of a Pastor Nominating Committee to seek new pastoral leadership.

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