West Side Youth Missions | Dominican Republic 2020

Our summer mission trip to the Dominican Republic has been postponed for this year.

While this is a huge disappointment to our DR mission team, we understand and support the decision. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, our team has spent a considerable amount of time in prayer and discussion regarding the consequences of the virus spreading in the DR and especially in the community we would be serving in.

Words and phrases that are now common to us such as: social distancing, sanitizing, washing hands for twenty seconds, stay-at-home, isolate – are not options in that part of our world. Our team recognizes that the very things we are frustrated about are actually NOT even an option for those living in the Dominican Republic. In Caraballo, clean water is precious, families sleep 7 or 8 to a bed, and the practicality of social distancing is unrealistic.

How can West Side continue to support Kids Alive?

Child sponsorship and donations can ensure that kids’ basic needs continue to be met. The widening threat of the coronavirus and its COVID-19 manifestations have caused severe food shortages and higher costs for the kids in the DR and other countries where Kids Alive is working. And in addition, they are now faced with needs for more sanitizing equipment, cleaners, hand soaps, etc. than ever before.

Your gift will help meet those needs and keep kids and staff safe and nourished.
Thank you for all your support for our team. We covet your ongoing prayers. Students are disappointed. We have been preparing for months and this is a loss of something that all of us were looking forward to.
We look forward to the day that we can reschedule our mission trip!

—Stacy Kutz, and the DR Team

Find out more about where West Side Youth serve in the DR and how you can help:

Park School and Care Center – Caraballo
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Photos from DR 2017

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