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Below find articles from our monthly The Good News newsletter.

Movie Review: The Stray

Hallelujah, happy days are here again…it’s summer! Even though I may not be heading to a tropical isle, my mind searches for mental vacations in light reading and family-friendly movies. I came upon The Stray, released in 2017, the true story of screenplay writer Mitch Davis and his family. Mitch…

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West Side Life – Softball

West Side Blue / West Side Red : Kerry Tupper tells about the early days of the West Side slow pitch softball teams. They are still active and play from mid-June into July. The church office can provide contacts for more information. 00West Side Presbyterian has a long history of…

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7 Reasons to Serve in the Nursery!

Too often serving in the church nursery can seem like a thankless job that involves mindless babysitting. But it is so much more! In fact, the nursery isn’t just for babies and small children – it serves all of us! Jesus made children an absolute priority in his ministry and…

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Highland Park City Serve

West Side will be participating in “City Serve” again this year. A work party is planned at Highland Park Elementary School on August 18. It’s a fun way to work on a project with fellow Church members while making improvements that will help Highland Park students feel welcome when they…

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Ways to Make the Most of Your Doctor Visit

Prepare ahead of time. Have it clear in your mind what you want to discuss. If you have a problem, try to find out if others in your family have, or have had that problem. Make notes of all your symptoms. Speak up and tell your doctor all your concerns,…

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