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PNC Update

February 15, 2018

From the February issue of The Good News newsletter

Are we there yet . . . . . . . . . ?

You know how it goes, load the car for the four-hour trip to grandma’s house, get in and drive off. Then, right about the time you reach Fife, somebody in the back seat asks “are we there yet”? You then proceed to explain that everybody knows it’s a four-hour trip and we have only been driving for 30 minutes!

In our early training, the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) learned that without outside help, it takes the church an average of 18 to 24 months to find a Pastor; let’s pray that we can be a little better than average.

The PNC was officially commissioned back in July, our first official meetings were in June and were followed by some training sessions in July. Our first official task was to complete our Ministry Information Form (MIF) once we received the completed Mission Study.

The West Side Session affirmed and adopted the Mission Study in September; the PNC presented the MIF to Session in October. Recall that the MIF provides a narrative picture of the mission and ministry of West Side and our sense of call. Additionally, the MIF describes our demographics, history, theology, values, leadership needs and expectations. Prospective pastors will use the MIF to help discern whether God is calling them to serve our church.

Our MIF was posted to the Church Leadership Connection (CLC) approximately three months ago in late October; so, in relation to our trip to grandma’s, we haven’t reached Fife yet!

Remember the PIF – the Personal Information Form submitted by interested candidates. The PNC receives PIFs from two primary sources. One is the CLC matches seeking candidates with posted open positions via an automated process. The second most common PIF submission is from pastors who review the CLC website, see our open position and submit their PIF directly to West Side’s PNC. The latter is a more confidential process that protects currently employed pastors who might not want their current congregation or others to know that they’re looking. Our PNC was advised to expect a slowdown in PIF submission in December and January for obvious reasons; we (PNC) concur that the last six weeks has been slow for new submissions.

During this time, the PNC continues to diligently review each and every PIF; initial screening and review looks for the experience, education and theological alignment as required by West Side. Once a prospective candidate is considered qualified, the PNC digs a little deeper and reads a statement of faith or seeks out a recorded sermon or blog. The nine PNC members review and score each candidate independently; the top scoring candidates are then discussed in group sessions to determine if they are West Side worthy and eligible to advance to the next stage. The next stages will include more questions, interaction and interviews and eventually some visits.

This is God’s process, a process on his timetable, a process with purpose; our purpose is to seek the one whom God is already raising up to be our pastor.  No, we are not there yet, but we are going to get there; continue to pray for discernment, guidance, unity, patience and the incoming pastor and family.

For the PNC,
John Jacobs

PNC Update

January 7, 2018

From the January issue of The Good News newsletter

If there was a single theme to 2017 for West Side Presbyterian Church we might consider it to be “busy”; in all the hustle and bustle of shaping the Mission Study and forming the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) it can be easy to forget that all involved are only tools in God’s process of bringing a new pastor to His church. In past updates we have discussed the process of our search and while the process is important, don’t forget that the purpose of the process is to seek the one whom God is already raising up to be our pastor. The importance of prayer during this process is difficult to overstate; the key element of God’s process is prayer and the responsibility of the entire West Side family.

The PNC continues to receive Personal Information Forms (PIF) from various candidates expressing an interest in West Side. Many of the early PIFs have come through the automated system set up by PCUSA while others come through as a self-referral; self-referrals come from individuals who sense a call to our congregation after reviewing our Ministry Information Form (MIF).  Each PIF is prayerfully considered and thoroughly evaluated for compatible theology, values, ministry goals and appropriate experience. While we have received dozens of PIFs, only a handful have met the initial screening criteria and are eligible for the next level of review. The next level could include reaching out to a candidate with questions or visiting his/her current church website to listen to a sermon or two.

There is a natural slowdown in the process during the Christmas season and while your PNC continues to research and review we do expect more PIFs in the new year and plan additional updates to the congregation in January.

The PNC wishes you all a full and joyous New Year and ask that you keep the PNC in thought and prayer during the months ahead. Some points of intention for prayer can include discernment, guidance, unity, patience and the incoming pastor and family.

For the PNC,
John Jacobs

PNC Update

November 1, 2017

Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC)  ~  Ask, Seek, Knock
(from the November issue of The Good News newsletter)

We (the PNC) are regularly reminded that our pastor search is a process, not an event; a process of discernment to discover who God is calling to be the next pastor for West Side Presbyterian Church. The pre-search phase is fundamental to an effective search process; the pre-search phase included our church-wide survey, the Mission Study, naming of the PNC and preparation of the Ministry Information Form (MIF). Recall that our MIF provides a narrative picture of the mission and ministry of West Side, our sense of call, our demographics, history, theology, values, leadership needs and expectations.

The MIF is complete, it was approved by Session and passed onto Presbytery in mid-October; Presbytery’s Committee on Ministry (COM) followed with their approval soon after and our approved MIF was entered on-line with the Church Leadership Connection (CLC). The CLC is an important tool in the overall call process; it is a web-based system in compliance with the Book of Order that provides global access and visibility to all potential candidates to see our job opening and the MIF.

The next phase of the search process will likely begin in the coming weeks when, via the CLC system, potential candidates will begin to submit a Personal Information Form (PIF), or resume, for review by the PNC. The PNC is called and committed to prayerfully consider and thoroughly evaluate each PIF; every member of the PNC will have access to every PIF received.

Remember the congregation’s commitment to keep the PNC in thought and prayer during this process in the months ahead; pray with us for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, discernment and unity.

For the PNC,
John Jacobs

PNC Update

July 27, 2017

Presented by John Jacobs, Sunday morning, July 23, 2017

I am here this morning on behalf of my pastor nominating committee (PNC) colleagues to give you an update on our progress in the call process.

Understanding the process and the entire sequence of events is, as I am learning, somewhat important.

The call process begins when the tenured pastor (Paul) makes the call to Presbytery, or more specifically the COM (Presbyterians love acronyms) or Commissions on Ministry, to share news of his planned retirement.

The process continues with the appointment of our interim pastor and then rolls into a very important piece of the process, our Mission Study.

The Mission Study started with the Listening Circles earlier this year, followed by the Holy Cow survey and then the series of meetings of the Mission Study group, which many of you were part of.

The Mission Study final product is close to being complete; I believe the writers will presented to session in the coming week.

The Mission Study is our story; the Mission Study is our assessment of who we are, who is God calling us to be and where is God calling us to go.

Once the Mission Study is adopted or approved by session, this becomes the data or the document that the PNC uses to prepare, another acronym, the MIF – Ministry Information Form – the MIF provides a narrative picture of the mission and the ministry is described by you, the congregation.

This form ultimately becomes the job posting within the Presbyterian system where searching candidates can come, read and see what were all about and make the decision if they would like to apply.

An interested candidate will ultimately submit a PIF – Personal Information Form.  For those involved in past pastor searches you may have heard of this called a dossier or simply a resume, but for us will go with PIF.

Now, in this process we have a little ways to go, the PNC will likely start to see some of these dossiers sometime in September or October, it is then we will start to be a little more active reviewing candidates and such. So, the next time you hear from us probably be in the fall when we have something more to report.

Last week, when commissioned, you, the congregation, committed to keep the PNC in your thoughts and prayers in the months ahead and pray with us for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for that.


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