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YoungLives: Coming Alongside Teen Moms

More than 20 years ago, Young Life answered God’s call to run headfirst into the chaos of teenage motherhood with the hope of Jesus ... and YoungLives was born.

YoungLives has never wavered from the original vision to reach teen moms by entering their world, modeling the unconditional love of Christ, and encouraging them to become the women and mothers God created them to be. Through Young Life’s time-tested methods and life-on-life mentoring, teen moms are empowered to make positive choices, set and achieve goals, and live a future rooted in Christ.

Watch this video to learn more about YoungLives Seattle.

How Can I Help YoungLives Seattle?

  • YougLives is in need of support in the form of $100 gift cards to Fred Meyer, Target, Safeway, and Walmart to provide to our moms for COVID related support. This will allow them to utilize delivery or pick-up options to get groceries, diapers, formula and other essentials. YL has set up to make it easy to purchase the gift cards.

  • Get involved with YoungLives... committee, childcare, meals, mentors, special projects, etc. Contact Stacy ([email protected]) for more information.

From our Deacons

Face Masks

There are a few folks in the church making masks that will be available to the congregation, with first priority going to our seniors and volunteers. Can you make masks? Please email [email protected] and let us know.

These masks are not fully virus protective and you need to continue the 6 feet social distancing, but they do provide a measure of protection. Please remember that you can also use scarves just as easily as we do not expect to have enough masks for everyone. Please reach out to deacons through the church office ([email protected]) if you are in need of a mask.

Shoppers Needed

We need a few more people who are willing to go grocery shopping if the need arises for our 60+ folks who must stay home. If you are willing to be on a volunteer call list, please contact Sonia Ghayem at 206-802-4761 or [email protected]. Thank you to those who have already volunteered.

West Side Youth and Kids Alive

Child sponsorship and donations can ensure that kids’ basic needs continue to be met. The widening threat of the coronavirus and its COVID-19 manifestations have caused severe food shortages and higher costs for the kids in the DR and other countries where Kids Alive is working. And in addition, they are now faced with needs for more sanitizing equipment, cleaners, hand soaps, etc. than ever before. Your gift will help meet those needs and keep kids and staff safe and nourished.

Click HERE to find out more on what is happening in the DR with Kids Alive in regards to COVID-19.

Find out more about where West Side Youth serve in the DR and how you can help:
Park School and Care Center – Caraballo, Dominican Republic
Site Partnership
Child Sponsorship
"… Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” – Fred Rogers

Find out how our church family is helping during this unprecedented time. We will share the stories: West Siders who see a need and are reaching out into our West Seattle community. You may want to jump in and help or you may have your own ideas!