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YoungLives Care Fund

West Side has started a partnership with YoungLives which is an offshoot of Young Life aimed at impacting teen moms and their children.  Similar to Young Life, they have Monday “club”, Wednesday Bible Study and summer camp.  Like West Side, they have moved online for the time being but are looking forward to meeting in person again.  Once we are all cleared to meet again, areas where West Siders could jump in include providing childcare for Monday club or getting involved as a mentor.  A special thanks to Charlotte Loski who donated some beautifully knit sweaters and blankets – I can’t wait to deliver them to YoungLives staff for their “girls."

As part of our West Side partnership, we have started a YoungLives Care Fund (YLCF) to provide the opportunity to support the young moms in a practical way.  Examples of current needs include tuition for a CNA program, assistance with bills for a young mom who is the only breadwinner in her family because of Covid related job losses, and support for another young woman who had to drop out of her dental hygienist program so she could work more.  Speaking with the YL staff, I could hear the tears in their voices – these young ladies work so hard and try so hard to make a better life for themselves and their children and sometimes it seems like the mountain just gets taller.  This may seem beyond the usual type of support we would provide, but for these young moms, a financial gift can do so much more than help with a bill – it shows them in a meaningful way that Jesus loves them, cares for them and they have great worth to our Father in Heaven. We have issued our first gifts to two young women.  We are excited to make a difference in their lives with this practical gift.

Learn more:  YoungLives Volunteer Interest Zoom meeting scheduled for June 28th, 4 pm. Contact Blythe Meigs (425-922-3955) or Stacy Kutz  ([email protected]) for an invite.

Donate directly to YoungLives:

Watch this video to learn more about YoungLives Seattle.

From our Deacons

Face Masks

There are a few folks in the church making masks that will be available to the congregation, with first priority going to our seniors and volunteers. Can you make masks? Please email [email protected] and let us know.

These masks are not fully virus protective and you need to continue the 6 feet social distancing, but they do provide a measure of protection. Please remember that you can also use scarves just as easily as we do not expect to have enough masks for everyone. Please reach out to deacons through the church office ([email protected]) if you are in need of a mask.

June 18: Another batch of Liz Bolling's masks are being delivered by Dee West for foster children and families.  Yay Liz!  Yay Dee! 

Shoppers Needed

We need a few more people who are willing to go grocery shopping if the need arises for our 60+ folks who must stay home. If you are willing to be on a volunteer call list, please contact Sonia Ghayem at 206-802-4761 or [email protected]. Thank you to those who have already volunteered.

Serving the Dominican Republic with Kids Alive

West Side’s support of kids and families in the Dominican Republic through Kids Alive International has been tremendous! Because of the coronavirus, the youth mission trip was cancelled, however, the desire to help and support the community of Caraballo, DR remained. The team reached out to the Trautweins to find out how we could partner during this time. Two lofty goals were set:

  1. Sponsor 40 children through ongoing monthly contributions of $39.
  2. Raise money to help with the immediate need of food for the community of Caraballo.

To date, we have sent $7600 to Kids Alive. This provided two weeks of meals for the entire community. In addition, 13 children have been sponsored. Thank you for your support!

An added blessing has come from our desire to sponsor children. A member approached me and mentioned that they would love to sponsor a child and pray. But when they sponsored kids in the past, they felt terrible because they didn’t write notes to the kids. We were able to match this donor up with a teen on the mission team who will “do the writing” for them! This is such a blessing: a child was sponsored, an intergenerational connection was made within West Side, AND the teen will be able to connect with the child in person when a future trip happens. Note: I passed this information around and now 5 teens are writing letters to kids in Caraballo!

We haven’t “lowered the bar” on child sponsorships and continue to seek new and creative ways to support these kids!
Find out more about where West Side Youth serve in the DR and how you can help:
Park School and Care Center – Caraballo, Dominican Republic
Site Partnership
Child Sponsorship
"… Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” – Fred Rogers

Find out how our church family is helping during this unprecedented time. We will share the stories: West Siders who see a need and are reaching out into our West Seattle community. You may want to jump in and help or you may have your own ideas!