Summer Mission Speakers

Here is the schedule for the summer mission speakers for the Sunday 10:45 education hour following the 9:30 summer service at West Side:

Sunday, July 9 – See the newly released video ORIGIN: Unlocking the Mystery of Life, produced by Illustra Media. They are the Intelligent Design folks who produced the beautiful and amazing films we have viewed in the last several years: Metamorphosis: the Beauty and Design of Butterflies, Flight: the Genius of Birds and most recently Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth. With spectacular computer animation and cutting-edge research ORIGIN examines a question that has baffled science for centuries: How did life on earth begin?

Sunday, July 16 – Dr. Andy and Dorciane Toth, who have served in Mexico for almost 50 years, will update us on their work. Dorciane grew up at West Side. They now live in Texas but go back to the High Sierras in Mexico, at great risk, several times a year to train pastors and help establish churches among the Pame Indians.

Sunday, July 23 –Dr. Tim and Muriel Teusink. After many years serving with SIM in Ethiopia, the Teusinks have recently moved to France to be more centrally located for frequent trips to do medical training for doctors in developing countries and to teach at medical conferences. Dr. Teusink is an expert on HIV/AIDS and pioneered teaching in Ethiopian Orthodox Church seminaries in HIV/AIDS prevention, a first for an evangelical.

Sunday, July 30 – Our Dominican Republic Team of young people, just back from their mission trip working with Kids Alive and the Trautweins in the DR, will give their report.

Sunday, August 6 – Rick and Lorena Wood will give us a report on their ministry. Rick is the editor of Mission Frontiers, the magazine of Frontier Ventures, formerly the US Center for World Mission. Lorena has a ministry with Muslim women. Rick is a son of West Side. They have started several house churches in their home in Colorado Springs.

Sunday, August 13 – Chitra Hanstad, the new director of World Relief will speak. World Relief, the arm of the National Association of Evangelicals, has for 70 years empowered the local church to serve the most vulnerable. They are the largest refugee resettlement agency in Washington. West Side has supported their amazing immigration detention ministry at the federal INS prison in Tacoma for years. Thirty-seven detainees from 8 countries lead 17 Bible studies there in the detention center. Last year 440 men and women were baptized and 1540 accepted Christ.

Sunday, August 20 – Bruce and Christy Graham.  Bruce is the Senior Associate Director of Frontier Ventures in Pasadena, formerly the US Center for World Mission, founded by Ralph Winter. Christy heads the Personnel Office, overseeing 100+ staff. The Grahams also have a longtime ministry in India where Bruce has developed a Biblical Story Curriculum to aid Indian Christians in outreach. It has been at least 4 years since the Grahams have been able to be with us, so don’t miss their presentation.

Sunday, August 27 – Corrie ten Boom, famous Dutch heroine of World War II and The Hiding Place, will come to us with the help of Susie Tucker Boer and her Faith Heroines Alive ministry. Susie has portrayed Gladys Aylward, Dr. Ida Scudder and Dr. Margaret Brand in previous summers.

Sunday, September 3 – TBD


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