Sunday Resources

Sunday, August 9

Were tax collectors liked?
Where did the pharisee stand?
Was the pharisee’s prayer about honoring God or himself?
Where did the tax collector stand?
What did the tax collector pray about?
What is Humility?
Who prayed with a humble heart?
How can you pray with a humble heart?

GAME: Hidden Heart

Purpose: To remind children that God sees our hearts.
Supplies: Small paper heart or heart-shaped object

In today’s parable, we see God wants us to pray with a humble heart. God is the only one who can truly see our hearts. In this game, we will help each other find the hidden heart.

  1. Choose one child to hide the heart. Choose another child to find the heart.
  2. The finder closes his or her eyes, while the hider silently hides the heart.
  3. On your signal, the finder opens his or her eyes and searches for the heart.
  4. The class helps the finder locate the heart by yelling “warmer” when he or she is moving toward the heart and “colder” when he or she is moving away from the heart.
  5. When the finder locates the heart, choose a new finder and a new hider and play again. 6. Repeat game until each child has played one or both roles.