A Deacon is elected by the congregation to lead the way in ministering and communicating to those who are in need, to the sick, to the friendless,  and to any who may be in distress or to stay in touch.  We place first priority on this responsibility through a comprehensive program of communication of in-person visits, phone contacts and correspondence such as cards and notes.  Deacons teach charity, urging concern and directing those in need to resources or support. Deacons show the love and justice of Jesus Christ.

If you would like to contact the deacons, call or email the church office.

District Map2017-2018 Officers by Districts

Updated 09/12/17

Deacon Moderator: Nancy Fuhrman

District 1
Nancy Gjording
Paul Gjording

District 2
Freda Everett
Greg Leddy
Larry West

District 3
Freda Everett
Greg Leddy
Larry West

District 4
Sherry Cejna
Dick Ramsey

District 5
Jim Gardner
Ruth Gardner 

District 6
Kristin Pimblett

District 7
Sonia Ghayem
Steve Mead

District 8
Erich Fleck
Carla Gawthrop

District 9
Shelley Boogaard
Chuck Gardner 

District 10
Dale Kirkpatrick
Linda Layman

District 11
Sandra Hiramatsu
Mike Morishima

District 12
Jeremy Keating
Pam Widitz

District 13
Janet Lauden
Sallie Schafer
Ron Tongol

District 14
William Batts
Jill Salwen

District 15
John Kutscher
Lisa West


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