The Gospel’s View of The Odyssey (Dr. Dale Bruner)

The Gospel’s View of The Odyssey (Dr. Dale Bruner)

Dr. Dale BrunerWhen someone tells us to “get a life” we usually assume that means we should get out and interact with people in the world.  Fortunately for us, when Dale’s family told him that he was too recluse, he decided he should spend more time looking at classic literature through the lens of the Gospel.  At the end of December 2014 Dr. Bruner started this series with Homer’s: The Odyssey as viewed through the eyes of the Gospel.  How can we learn more about God’s promises for us by comparing our God to the Greek gods?  What is the difference between sacrifices established by God through Moses and those expected by Zeus and his peers?

This is the first episode of a monthly series where we get to sit in with Dr. Bruner’s Sunday School class in Hollywood, CA.  Come and spend some time “getting a life” with Dr. Dale Bruner.

The Odyssey – Part 1

The Odyssey – Part 2

For 2015, Dale will be focusing on the Greek classics.  Next month’s class will be on Homer’s: The Iliad!


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