Spiritual Wellness—Prayer Time at West Side on Sunday Mornings

(Good News newsletter, January 2015)

As Parish Nurses, we talk often of health and wholeness. In my April 2012 article for The Good News, I explored and defined health and wholeness.

Health and wholeness are two different concepts. Health (accepting God’s grace) leads to wholeness (a state of new creation), that is, receiving God’s love brings healing, renewal, and restoration. True health and wholeness, then, are not of the body, but of the mind and of the spirit. Receiving God’s love is to receive Christ’s forgiveness through the presence and working of the Holy Spirit. Wholeness is being a new creation in Christ.

Spiritual wellness is a part of Health and Wholeness. In November’s article “Spiritual Wellness—Making Space for God”, I encouraged us to engage in spiritual life practices that promote spiritual wellness. One of these spiritual life practices is prayer. Through prayer we open our hearts to the work of the Holy Spirit and thereby receive God’s love and forgiveness. Prayer leads to healing (spiritual wellness), and healing leads to health (living in God’s grace) and wholeness (a new creation).

Parish Nursing has sponsored and offered Health and Wholeness Services over the past few years to provide an opportunity for all to come for prayer that leads to health and wholeness. Because we have seen the work of God through this ministry in people’s lives, we want to make this opportunity more available and accessible. We are now providing a time, space and place for this opportunity twice a month
after each Sunday morning service.

Prayer teams will be present in the Neale Room (a.k.a. the cry room), every 2nd and 4th Sunday after both the 8:15 am and 11:00am services. It is a time for you to receive prayer, to allow space for God’s love and tender care, to promote spiritual wellness and bring you to health and wholeness. Above all, this prayer time will remind you of the reality of the love of Jesus and the love of those around you.

Look and listen for announcements in the bulletin and from the pulpit on Sunday mornings that will inform you again about the time and place for this health and wholeness ministry. Please come. All are welcome in complete love and confidentiality.

—Ruth Rogers Lewis RN, MN
for Parish Nursing

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