Women of Grace — a Support Group for Women with Challenged Children

(Good News newsletter, January 2015)

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and this is never more true than when the child is especially physically, mentally or emotionally challenged. The sense that you exist in an alternate universe than your friends, the exhaustion, and the overwhelming sense that your child’s future will always be in jeopardy, all contribute to stress. Along with having a child with unique challenges, there comes a sense of isolation from our peers, who, regardless of their sincere wish to help, cannot comprehend what our lives are like. Some mothers are even told if they had enough faith, their child would be cured.

We are creating a small group to offer peer support, prayer, and fellowship for mothers who are struggling with these issues. We are a faith-based group, able to acknowledge God’s loving presence, even as we struggle with strong emotional feelings. There is nothing in the world that stirs us more emotionally than our children and their well-being. God gets that. As with all small groups, strict confidentiality is required. Our first meeting was held at the home of Claudia Weisz, 3817 44th SW on December 9, 2014, from 10-11:30am.  This time was used to talk about what we hope to accomplish and to determine best meeting times and how often we wish to meet. The second meeting will be held in January. Claudia’s late daughter, Angie, had Rett syndrome, a developmental disorder. Forty-two years of living in the trenches has made Claudia aware of God’s tender mercies as well as the cost of that diligence.

Contact Marilyn Fleming, RN at 206 276-9635, or Claudia Weisz at 206 938-0099.


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