Office Moms & Dads

Office Moms & Dads is a practical way to support local Child Welfare Social Workers, and also care for Foster Kids that have recently been removed from their home. This can be one of the most frightening times of their lives. The purpose of Office Moms & Dads is to provide a grown-up whose only job at that moment is to care for, sit with, and entertain the children while a social worker works hard to find a foster care placement for them.

Office Moms and Dads is an on-call, daytime volunteer opportunity, customizable to your schedule. When caseworkers from your local Child Welfare office need help, they call our OMD coordinator, who then contacts the volunteers to see if someone is available. A background check and 1.5 hour training are required to volunteer.

Next Volunteer training: October 18th 10-11:30am. RSVP to Janine Krebs. For more information about the OMD program visit

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