Sunday Worship | Looking Ahead

Dear Church Family,

We’ve seen it on your faces, and heard it in your voices.
A single service and a common Sunday school hour is drawing us together.

As session prays for West Side, and discerns about the year ahead, we felt drawn by the Spirit to make these decisions:

  1. to continue this pattern of worship and Christian Education/C.E. until Easter; and
  2. to begin to make plans for an outreach-oriented worship service.

About Sunday mornings: we believe the benefit of being together will help us grow in unity and connection with one another. In addition to C.E. for all at 9am, and worship at 10am, another way we hope to nurture unity is by offering a church family meal on communion Sundays. Please circle Sunday January 7 on your calendar with these notes: church family CE (Sunday School for all ages) at 9am, worship at 10am, followed by family meal.

About outreach: session senses a deep desire to reach out to our community with an evening worship service. The purpose of this service is to help West Side reach new people. Making specific plans for this service will commence in the new year. If you’re interested in helping out please connect with one of the Spiritual Life elders: Alan Muller, Kenny Kramer, Don Wilson, Jerry Thornell.

Together in Christ’s service,

Your brothers and sisters in Christ
The Session of West Side

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