30 Hour Famine – Support out Youth!


30 hours barely more than a day to make a difference. Can someone’s life be changed in that amount of time? West Side Youth say “YES!”

Around the world nearly 800 million people (that’s 1 in 9) do not have enough to eat. Every day nearly 8000 kids die from hunger related causes. In sub-Saharan Africa, about 1 in 4 are malnourished, 1 in 12 children will not survive to their fifth birthday. In the US, 48 million people go hungry every day, 16.2 million of them are children.

West Side students are answering God’s call to serve these hungry people, choosing to become part of something bigger than themselves, something transformative. Uniting with World Vision and hundreds of thousands of students around the world, our youth will fast for 30 hours to experience first-hand what famine is like and raise awareness and money to work towards a hunger-free world.

Will you join us to make a difference?

  • Pray!!! We have set a goal of $10,000 for our efforts!
  • Donate money directly to a student on March 11 or 18 following worship service or follow this link to donate on the West Side Team page. You will see where we are in reaching our goal.
  • Order cookies from our Bake Sale.  Pre-orders will be taken on March 11; delivery will be March 18.

Day One – Friday, March 23

Famine Begins – Students’ last meal is lunch. After school, they head off to West Side. Through devotions and small group time, they can share thoughts, expectations and concerns about the famine.  Having worked with these students I can GUARANTEE most of them will already want food!

6:00pm – Serve food to the “littles”, young children of parents participating in our Date Night program. What a challenge for our hungry teenagers! Date Night offers parents Biblical principles of good relationships and raising families while facilitating a much-deserved night out alone together.

9:00pm – Late night laser tag at Laser Quest. The objective here is to have fun and yes, tire them out!

12:00am or later – Back to church to sleep (I hope).

Day Two – Saturday, March 24

8:00am – Breakfast of WATER and, well, water!  We will meet for devotions and small group time.

Morning Activities – Making Homeless Kits, playing games. I am anticipating a few “hangry” teens, so my plan is to keep them occupied doing anything that does not involve EATING!

Afternoon Activities – Teams will head out to do work at pre-arranged locations (homes, schools, etc.) for 3-4 hours.  Let me know if you need some extra help with yard work, painting, cleaning…

5:00pm – Closing Ceremony.  This will involve worship music, a slide show, awards for some “famine bests”, and reflection.  We will also write letters to ourselves about what we have learned, experienced, what we don’t want to forget, and what we think God is calling us to next.  I will mail these to students in six months.

Breaking the Famine

On Saturday evening, our first food will be communion. Please join us for this celebration and the light dinner that will follow.

Stacy Kutz
Youth, Young Adult & Outreach Minister
Interim Children & Families Minister


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