Scholarships Available

Three types of scholarships are available to would-be college students from West Side.

To be considered for the Virginia and Barrie Rice Memorial Scholarship, an applicant must be a full-time student at a four-year evangelical Christian college, graduate school or theological seminary and must be a member active in the life of the church, or a young person active in the youth program.

The Harvey Morey Memorial Bible School Scholarship is provided to those who would like to have the thorough grounding of a Bible school education. Any member of West Side or young person actively involved in the youth program, any missionary we sponsor or child of said missionary is eligible to apply.

Also available is the Christian Education Loan/Grant. Active members may apply. Members outside the Seattle area may also be considered. The purpose of the Loan/Grant is to encourage and enable an applicant to pursue an education and prepare for full-time Christian service. If the applicant enters full-time service within one year of graduation, the loan is converted to a grant with no repayment obligation. This application may be submitted throughout the year, but a minimum two-month processing time is necessary.

Scholarship applications (also available in the church office) must be completed and returned by 4:00 pm, Wednesday, April 4.

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