Highland Park City Serve

West Side will be participating in “City Serve” again this year.

A work party is planned at Highland Park Elementary School on August 18. It’s a fun way to work on a project with fellow Church members while making improvements that will help Highland Park students feel welcome when they start school in September. This year we will be sharing the day with volunteers from Bethany Community Church, a church located near Highland Park.

Planning for the day is ongoing, and some tasks will require work before and after the August work party. We are seeking volunteers to help with a variety of activities:

  • Interior Cleaning: Cleaning of upholstery, woodwork, walls, and windows.
  • Interior Painting: Stairway walls and stair rails require re-painting.
  • Emergency Water Jug Servicing: Replacement of the emergency drinking water that is stored in classrooms and public spaces.
  • Outdoor Play Court Paint: Clean and touch up paint on the play court wall and add paint markings to the playground pavement.
  • General Site Cleanup: Clean play equipment, rake out plant beds and restore mulch, pull weeds, etc.
  • New Lost and Found Rack: Construct and install a “lost and found” garment rack and cabinet in the hall adjacent to the School office.

Highland Park is a large public elementary school with an unusually large and diverse student population and many needs. In addition to the City Serve work party day there are other ways West Side people can help students. These include:

  • Volunteer to participate in English as a Second Language classes.
  • Volunteer to be a “Reading Partner” beginning in the fall of 2018.
  • Volunteer to assist a teacher with classroom setup in the week prior to the start of classes.

Please Help!  In addition to work party volunteers, we are seeking people who can be project leaders, coordinating the work of others. If you can help, if you have a truck, and/or useful skills and tools, contact Dick Ramsey at 206-819-9337; email, or leave a message at the Church office.

~ Dick Ramsey

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