June 24: Phyllis Sortor will be with us at 10am

Seattle missionary to Nigeria, Phyllis Sortor, is speaking at West Side Presbyterian Church at the 10:00am service this Sunday, June 24.


Phyllis Sortor has a remarkable ministry among the Fulani nomadic cattle herders of Nigeria. The Fulani have killed thousands in herder/farmer conflicts. They are resistant to integration with other Nigerians, to Christianity, and largely to education. Yet Phyllis has a Christian school with over 600 Fulani children and clans from all over Nigeria have flocked to put children in her school, because here is a lady “that loves the Fulani.”

In February 2015 Phyllis was kidnapped by Nigerian gangsters and for two weeks she was repeatedly beaten, traumatized and abused as she held out hope for rescue. After her miraculous release, no one thought she would return to Nigeria, especially being past retirement age, but she did. She is now developing grazing reserves in three northern states, using scientific methods and irrigation to provide grass for tens of thousands of Fulani cattle, so they won’t need to be in conflict with Nigerian farmers. She has set up training for Fulani women as primary health workers and has established schools for hundreds of Fulani children on the reserves, with both Christian and Muslim teachers.

Phyllis will have her new book, The Kidnapping of an American Missionaryavailable at the West Side. Don’t miss hearing this amazing and courageous missionary.

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