West Side Wednesday’s a Success!

Perhaps you’ve been in the church on a Wednesday afternoon and heard the sound of children laughing and playing and wondered what that was all about. Every Wednesday afternoon throughout the school year Seattle Public Schools have had early release for all students. West Side saw a need and stepped in to fill that need. We have had between 20 to 35 elementary school children participating in our program. We pick up the kids from Lafayette, Fairmount Park, Genesee Hill and Pathfinder. We offer recreation (or Running with Riley, as the kids call it), snacks, clubs and even homework help if needed!  Club offerings have included Art, Science, Ceramics, Gardening, and the always popular Cooking. Middle schoolers and high schoolers join in as soon as their school is over and it is such a blessing to see the kids interact together.

This program would not be possible without some wonderful volunteers who have loved on these kids. In particular, I would like to offer a special thank you to Jim and Charlotte Loski for preparing snacks throughout the year; Claudia Weisz for coloring and playing games with the kids; Jane Benson, Sarah Nicolaisen, Madeline May, Scott Minaglia, Noël Foulk, Riley Montemayor, Kris Aronson, and Erika Aronson who all were involved from picking up kids to assisting in clubs as well as many others who helped throughout the school year in various ways.

This program has been such a blessing and outreach as most of these families are not church families. Families have been very thankful and grateful for this program and are ready to sign up for next year!  We will be offering this program again and are hoping you might consider joining us! Perhaps you want to come and hang out with the kids, have a special talent you would like to share or perhaps you would rather stay in the kitchen and prepare snacks for the kids – any and all are welcome!

If interested or would like more information for the 2018-19 school year please contact Trisha Montemayor.

—Trisha Montemayor

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