Bible Study Fellowship Resumes

Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) classes for men, women and young adults resume the second week in September at various locations. Join West Siders and other friends for the Old Testament study “People of the Promised Land” (Joshua, Ruth, I & II Samuel and part of Psalms and Proverbs).

Class locations and times are:

Monday, Sept. 10 @ University Presbyterian at 6:40pm
Monday, Sept. 10 @ Chinese Alliance Church at 6:40pm

Monday, Sept. 10 @ Chinese Baptist Church at 6:40pm
Tuesday, Sept. 11 @ Highline Christian Church at 9:30am
Tuesday, Sept. 11 @ Grace Church at 1:00pm
Wednesday, Sept. 12 @ Denny Park Lutheran Church at 6:00pm
Thursday, Sept. 13 @ Blvd. Park Church at 9:30am

Young Adults
Monday, Sept. 10 @ Evergreen Covenant Church at 7:00pm

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