West Side Hospitality and Groopit

West Side is committed to bringing people closer together through Christian Fellowship. Genuine hospitality fosters that Fellowship; it is Christ’s way of saying, “you are welcome here!”  Examples of hospitality are everywhere!  Greeters greet people as they enter our building, and Ushers follow suit in greeting people again before they sit down to worship. Coffee Hour is a perfect display of hospitality. Our Fellowship Meal that follows our celebration of the Lord’s table in Communion is an example of how we show hospitality through food. As a volunteer, you support and facilitate that Fellowship…that togetherness, which grows encouragement and diminishes loneliness. Hospitality volunteers are essential to make Memorial receptions, the Youth Auction dinner, and Prayer Partner Parties happen. It is crucial to keep things like our Community Meals, Vacation Bible School and ADA buses running to bring those that cannot drive here. The list goes on and on because we need fellowship to gain the strength to walk in Jesus’ footsteps. Let’s make it easier to find the people to cook, to serve, to organize, to set up and clean up our functions. As you know, it takes many, many hands!  If you’d like to know the what, when and where we are needing hospitality help, email me at madelinem@wspc.org and I will add you to our West Side Hospitality online team.

Have you heard of Groopit?  That is the online tool we are using to organize ourselves. It will cut down on back-and-forth emails and allow you to see the different opportunities including who has signed up, making the process of organizing everyone easier. You will also see photos of our hospitality-in-action as people post pictures, a super fun bonus. Even if you can only volunteer once a year, we value your willingness and the gifts you bring to our hospitality team.

When we come together in fellowship, we come as unique individuals, each given special gifts from God. As a whole, however, we are stronger. We give each other encouragement at times when it is needed most and remind each other that we are not alone. For together we grow as we learn how to live as God wants us to live. We are a picture of God in our fellowship, and as we walk in Jesus’ footsteps beyond the walls of West Side, we can truly be the extension of Christ that touches His family.

~ Madeline


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