BE  AN  ANGEL – Commit to Angel Tree Child

What could be worse than the absence of a parent? When a child knows this pain, it marks their life forever.  We ALL need the Lord for this kind of irreparable pain. You can be the hands and feet of the Lord, blessing a child who is missing their parent during the Christmas holiday due to imprisonment. Many of these children don’t have the benefits of foster care, just the family who are willing to care for them. What a blessing you will be to them as well.

Remember, Jesus tells Christians to “remember those in prison.” Is there a  better time than Christmas! We can share the good news of Christ’s birth with prisoners and their children through Angel Tree Ministries (part of Prison Fellowship).

Here’s how — West Side volunteers connect with the children’s caretakers to find out what the children want for Christmas. We purchase gifts from $20-$25 dollars. Finally, we deliver wrapped presents to the children, share the gospel, and invite the family to West Side.

We can be Christ’s “angels” to kids of prisoners in our community. If this has moved you, please consider signing up for an Angel Tree child on the list that will be on display in the narthex in late November. You can also contact Angel Tree Coordinators Lisa West, ( – tel 206-550-8727, or Virginia McDonagh – tel 206-475-8161 for other ways to help with the distribution.


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