Foster Care – Giving/Volunteer Opportunities

FOSTER CARE – Holiday Giving/Volunteer Opportunities

Are you looking for volunteer or giving opportunities for you and/or your family? Here are a few possibilities:



White Center Foster Parent Support Group, Christmas Party – Saturday, December 8, 4-7pm

At Beverly Park Baptist Church in Burien

Children’s Administration Joyful Toy Giveaways – Wednesday, December 19, noon-3pm

At the Delridge DCYF (Dept of Children, Youth, and Families) office



Care Closet clothing/ Care Boxes/ Toys

Christmas giving is a great opportunity to collect clothing/ supplies for DCYF Care Closets that will serve children coming into care throughout the year. New clothing, duffle bags, toys (no stuffed animals), etc…

Holiday Meal Kits for biological families

Meal kits for bio parents involved with CPS, parents who have their children in trial return home (which means they still have legal custody over them), and relative caregivers who are in need. Packing list available.

Gift cards

Gift cards for experiences while children await placement in the office, and/or for stores where items needed for teens can be purchased (because it’s so hard to stock the Care Closet for all shapes & sizes of teens).



Do you have supplies for a care box or a completed box to turn in? Though it may be a while until we do another full solicitation, we can consolidate materials and get them to the foster care office.

If you have either, please contact Dee West at ( or 206-258-2108.



Dee West : 206-258-2108, email (
Stacy Kutz : 206-935-4477, email (


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