Announcements for Sunday, Feb. 17

Listening Circles and Fellowship Meals Rescheduled for Today

All are welcome to the fellowship meal after each worship service and to participate in a listening circle discussion about how our Sunday worship welcomes Young Adults and Families with Youth and Children.

Sunday Adult Education, 9:00am

Today – March 17, Leadership Lab – It’s For Everybody: What is the most important word in a leader’s (and any Christian’s) vocabulary? Yes! Paul wrote to the churches in Corinth, For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ. And so through him the “Amen” is spoken by us to the glory of God. (2 Cor. 1:19)

In Jesus, God said “Yes” to us. Over the next 5 weeks, we will exercise our response, “Amen (let it be so),” by saying “Yes” to Jesus: to God’s mission and Spirit at work in and through us, to hope, and to service.

Congregational Meeting – February 24, 11:30am

Session has called a congregational meeting following morning worship on February 24 for the purpose of electing the Associate Pastor Nominating Committee and beginning the search for an Associate Pastor. Results of the Listening Circle discussions during the Fellowship Meals today will also be reported. All are welcome to attend.

Garage Sale Update & Needs

**Only 2 more curbside pick-ups—February 17 & 24
NEED trucks and haulers, Sunday, March 3, 2-6pm
NEED help unpacking & displaying, March 4-7, 9am-8pm
NEED Sale day workers: March 8, 8am-6pm; March 9, 8:30am-3pm
NEED tear down/clean up help, March 9, 3-6pm
Make a note on your attendance card if you’re able to help.
All hands on deck! We need YOU!

Bakers Needed!

Cheesecake, pies, breads, scones, bars, favorite cookies or baked specialties? We need bakers to supply our big Garage Sale Bake Sale (March 8 & 9) with your latest creation. Proceeds from the bake sale go to West Side Youth’s annual Memorial Day Retreat and the youth summer mission trip to South Dakota. Please contact Kristin Pimblett

Children’s Ministry

Sunday School for 3 Year Old–5th Grade meets at 9:00am. An usher can point you towards the stairs to the lower level and where there are signs (and people) to help your child find the appropriate classroom.

Church Time for 3 Year Old – 2nd Grade meets in Room 2 @ 10:00am.

Youth News (Grades 6-12)

Sun. (17) – Middle School Sunday School, Room 5, 9:00am
Sun. (17) – Garage Sale Unloading, 3-4:45pm
Sun. (17) – MS Huddle, 6:30pm-8:30pm
Tues-Thurs. (19–21) – Garage Sale Work, 4-5:30pm (T/TH), 2:30-5:30 (W)

Scholarships Available

Applications are available in the church office and must be completed and postmarked by April 2 or brought to the office by 4pm Wednesday, April 3.

Virginia and Barrie Rice Memorial Scholarship goes to an active member of West Side or young person active in the youth program who plans to attend an evangelical four-year college, graduate school, or a theological seminary as a full-time student.

Harvey Morey Memorial Bible School Scholarship goes to an active member of West Side, regardless of age, a young person active in the youth program, a currently funded missionary or child of a missionary who wishes to attend a Bible school or pursue a Bible curriculum at an approved college.

Read the Bible in a Year

This week: Numbers 4–27

Service Notes for Sunday, Feb. 17

Preaching Today – Reverend Laurie Brenner, our Senior Pastor.
Assisting in Worship – Christina Hjort is the MOPS Hospitality Coordinator and West Side’s Project Coordinator.

Sermon Series: First Impressions
Seeing Jesus for the first time again…

Guests at the wedding at Cana learned some very important things about Jesus, the Rabbi they just met. He could do miracles (wine out of plain water), was humble (he did it quietly) and thoughtful (saved the bridegroom from embarrassment). Now, like then, the joy and life Jesus brings to the party is always more than we need and could possibly expect. Today, Jesus meets the Canaanite woman with a daughter lost to evil.

Next Sunday, February 24 – Jesus meets a man at the pool of Bethesda.  John 5:1-15


Sun. (17)
9:00am Children and Youth Sunday School
9:00am Adult Class: Leadership Lab
10:00am Worship Service / Baptism of Calvin Minaglia
11:30am Fellowship Meal / Listening Circles
3:00-4:45pm Garage Sale Curbside Unloading
5:00pm Worship Service
6:00pm Fellowship Meal / Listening Circles
6:30pm Middle School Huddle
7:00pm West Side Library Book Club

Mon. (18) Church is Closed

Tues. (19)
6:30am Koinonia Men’s Prayer & Breakfast
9am–12pm Garage Sale Sorting
4–5:30pm Youth Work Hours for Garage Sale
5:30pm Cub Scouts
6:30pm Outreach Meeting
7:30pm Boy Scouts

Wed. (20)
9am–12pm Garage Sale Sorting
9:30am Congregational Care Team Meeting
1–4:00pm West Side Wednesdays
2:30–5:30pm Youth Work Hours for Garage Sale

Thurs. (21)
1:00pm Women’s Bible Study
4–5:30pm Youth Work Hours for Garage Sale
7:00pm Adult Choir Rehearsal

Fri. (22)

Sat. (23)
8:00am Oasis Men’s Group
9am–3:00pm Session Retreat – Offsite

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