Announcements for Sunday, March 3


Maybe you are a driven person – maybe you feel the pressures of work or society to be driven in a certain direction – maybe you are simply driven to distraction! Jesus was also driven, at the very start of his ministry, in a counter-cultural direction: out into the wilderness. This Lent we follow Jesus into the wilderness, learning to thrive in the chaos, barrenness, and distraction of our age.

Our companions along the way this Lent will be the Desert Mystics – men and women who went into the desert to learn the abundance of God’s grace. We begin with the words of Abba Anthony: “Don’t put your trust in your own righteousness, don’t fixate on the past, and watch over your tongue and belly.”

Readings this Week
Ash Wednesday: Joel 2:1-2, 12-17 and Psalm 51
Thursday: Luke 18:18-22
Friday: Joshua 1:19
Saturday: Luke 6:45

Lenten Devotionals – Stay close to the Lord through Scripture and prayer during this Lenten season. Some Lenten devotionals are available at the Information Center. You can also Google “free lenten devotionals” to find others online.

Sunday Adult Education, 9:00am

Today – March 17, Leadership Lab – It’s For Everybody: What is the most important word in a leader’s (and any Christian’s) vocabulary? Yes! Paul wrote to the churches in Corinth, For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ. And so through him the “Amen” is spoken by us to the glory of God. (2 Cor. 1:19)

In Jesus, God said “Yes” to us. We will exercise our response, “Amen (let it be so),” by saying “Yes” to Jesus: to God’s mission and Spirit at work in and through us, to hope, and to service.

West Side’s Huge Spring Sale is next weekend!

Friday, March 8 from 9:00am – 6:00pm

Saturday, March 9 from 9:00am – 3:00pm

It’s the final push! We NEED your help!


*All furniture must be pre-approved by Karol and be clean and in good working order. NO OTHER DONATIONS CAN BE ACCEPTED

BODIES NEEDED TODAY, 1-7pm  If you haven’t signed up, just show up!

Moving tables, unloading boxes, hauling furniture

Þ MONDAY-THURSDAY: Unpacking & displaying, 9am-8pm

Þ SATURDAY, MARCH 9, 3-6PM: NEED 20-30 FRESH WORKERS to clean up and reset the building

Sale day workers—please remember to park 2 blocks away!

Þ SALES DAY FRIDAY/SATURDAY: Sign up in the narthex TODAY!

Bakers Needed!

Cheesecake, pies, breads, scones, bars, favorite cookies or baked specialties? YUM! We need bakers to supply our big Garage Sale Bake Sale (March 8 & 9) with your latest creation.

Proceeds from the bake sale go to West Side Youth’s annual Memorial Day Retreat and the youth summer mission trip to South Dakota.

Please contact Kristin Pimblett

We Sell Plants, Too! 

We would love to find your plants (indoor or outdoor) a new home at our garage sale. Please bring them to the church March 3–6 or contact Arlene McMonigle at 206-380-8624.

Next Door Apartments

Apartment #3629 Available; 2 bedroom, 2 bath, fireplace, storage and parking space. No pets, No smoking. Call Christi (206-937-1536) for more information.

30-inch Electric Range is needed for one of our apartments. If you or someone you know can donate a range in good working order, please call Christi Ernst.

Women’s Circle

Circle Lydia meets Wednesday, March 13 from 9:30-11:30 in Boppell. Jill Campbell will tell us about the MOPS ministry. Everyone is welcome. Contact Nancy Santo or Ruth Leonard with any questions.

Northwest Symphony Orchestra

…and Music Director Anthony Spain present Music for the Soul, featuring Beethoven’s Symphony #9, local choirs, and the University of Virginia Glee Club: Saturday March 16, 8PM @ Holy Rosary West Seattle; Sunday March 17, 3PM @ Bellevue Presbyterian Church. See Lola Gracey for tickets ($15) at the Welcome Center today.

Children’s Ministry

Sunday School for 3 Year Old–5th Grade meets at 9:00am. An usher can point you towards the stairs to the lower level and where there are signs (and people) to help your child find the appropriate classroom.

Church Time for 3 Year Old – 2nd Grade meets in Room 2 @ 10:00am.

Youth News (Grades 6-12)

Sun. (3) – Sunday School, 9:00am: High School in Rap Hall, Middle School in Room 5
Sun. (3) – Garage Sale Load-In! 4-8pm
Mon. (4) – Garage Sale Work, 4-8pm
Tue. (5) – Garage Sale Work, 4-7pm
Wed. (6) – Garage Sale Work, 2:30–6pm
Thu. (7) – Garage Sale Work, 4-6pm
Fri. (8) – Garage Sale, 8am-6pm
Sat. (9) – Garage Sale, 8:30am-5pm

Rice and Morey Scholarships Available

Applications are available in the church office and must be completed and postmarked by April 2 or brought to the office by 4pm Wednesday, April 3.

Virginia and Barrie Rice Memorial Scholarship goes to an active member of West Side or young person active in the youth program who plans to attend an evangelical four-year college, graduate school, or a theological seminary as a full-time student.

Harvey Morey Memorial Bible School Scholarship goes to an active member of West Side, regardless of age, a young person active in the youth program, a currently funded missionary or child of a missionary who wishes to attend a Bible school or pursue a Bible curriculum at an approved college.

Read the Bible in a Year

This week: Deuteronomy 13–34

Service Notes

Preaching Today – Reverend Laurie Brenner, our Senior Pastor.

Assisting in Worship – Reverend Paul Smith was our Senior Pastor from 1981 to 2016. In his retirement he now has time to do more reading and writing. Paul assists in worship at University Presbyterian Church.


Sun. (3)
9:00am Adult Class: Leadership Lab
9:00am Children/Youth Sunday School
10:00am Worship Service
11:15am Coffee Fellowship
11:15am Blood Pressure Clinic
1:00pm Garage Sale Set-Up Begins
4:00–8:00pm Garage Sale Load-In

Mon. (4)
9:00–8:00pm Garage Sale Prep
4:00–8:00pm Youth Work Hours for Garage Sale
6:00pm Continue Education Dept. Meeting

Tues. (5)
6:30am Men’s Koinonia Prayer & Breakfast
9:00–8:00pm Garage Sale Prep
4:00–7:00pm Youth Work Hours for Garage Sale

Wed. (6)
9:00–8:00pm Garage Sale Prep
10:00am Worship Planning Meeting
2:30–6:00pm Youth Work Hours for Garage Sale
7:00pm Ash Wednesday Worship Service

Thurs. (7)
9:00–8:00pm Garage Sale Prep
4:00–6:00pm Youth Work Hours for Garage Sale
7:00pm Adult Choir

Fri. (8)
8:00–6:30pm Garage Sale Worker Hours
9:00–6:00pm Garage Sale

Sat. (9)
8:00am Oasis Men’s Group
8:30–4:00pm Garage Sale Worker Hours
9:00–3:00pm Garage Sale
3:00–6:00pm Garage Sale Clean-Up & Building Re-Set

Don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead Saturday night before you go to bed!

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