4th Fridays

4th Fridays

June 28 | July 26 | August 23


The Church is a Family of families: single families and married families, families with kids and families without kids, younger families and older families. 4th Fridays are a chance to gather as one, a family reunion; to eat together, to grow together, to play together. And like family reunions should be, all are welcome.

4th Fridays will meet at 6pm on the 4th Friday of June, July, and August, here at West Side in Howell Auditorium. Each 4th Friday we will explore a biblical theme through a variety of creative activities, celebrate through story, prayer, song, and games, and gather around a table to share a meal as Family. Together, we’ll grow closer to each other, and closer to the people that God created us to be.


For more information, email Kim Herbert at kimh@wsps.org

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