January Update on Tallulah

Tallulah Reyes has stepped out in faith to serve God as His ambassadors in the world. West Side is privileged and excited to support her through our prayers, encouragement and financial support.
January 20234
Hey West Side!

I just wanted to give you an update from Western Washington University!

On a personal note, I am doing well! I am learning a lot right now about administration, and what goes on behind the scenes to make sure that events run smoothly. We are doing a Rev. Dr. MLK celebration for students on Friday.

Please keep praying for students in winter quarter - it’s the darkest (weather wise), and most academically challenging quarter so it can be really hard to navigate.

Please keep praying for me in learning how to be present with Jesus in my “right now” space!

There are lots of future events coming up like leading mission trips and it’s so easy to be distracted on planning those and can sometimes not focus on the present.

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