Connect Groups | Spiritual Friendships

Get Ready to Connect!

We may not be able to gather all together for worship, prayer or fellowship at this time… but we ARE planning to come together this Fall through “Connect Groups”! At this time, not everyone feels safe gathering in-person, even with masks, so we will have a variety of groups to choose from.

Some will meet in person with masks and social distancing, and others via Zoom for now. None will be larger than 10 people or 5 families. If that size groups doesn’t feel right at this time, think about forming a “spiritual friendship” group with one other person outside your home. The goal in all of this is for us to connect, encourage one another and grow during this unprecedented season!

Pastor Laurie will be providing guides from her “The Big Story” sermon series. But then each group can decide how they want to utilize that: reflecting on scripture together, praying or just talking through life’s challenges and serving together.

We are excited about what’s ahead, and trust that God will meet us as we gather together, and grow us closer to Jesus even during this unusual time.

If you have any questions or would like to join a group, contact Christina at [email protected] or fill out the form below.


West Side has moved to a new kind of church record keeping software called Realm. This innovative system serves the administrative needs of our staff, but it also offers some exciting opportunities to support the way you are involved in our church.

We are finding that during the coronavirus pandemic that Realm has been a great way for our community to stay in touch. Whether it's announcements, devotions from Pastor Laurie, or small groups connecting virtually, it's keeping us all connected as a church family.

If you are a member or regular attender at West Side and not on Realm but would like to be - let us know and we can get you set up. Email the church office at [email protected].