Annual Gigantic Garage Sale

Our 2020 Garage Sale is indefinitely postponed.

With the governor's extension of the "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" order we will not be able to hold the Garage Sale on our rescheduled June dates and at this point we are unsure if it can be rescheduled in 2020.

Many people around West Seattle know us for our GIGANTIC Garage Sale each spring. This isn’t just any old garage sale. Preparations begin months ahead; collecting, sorting and storing items goes on for 6 intensive weeks prior to the sale. All in all, it takes over 140 adults and 45 youth and untold work hours to fill our 29,000 square feet with clean, organized and competitively-priced items. Thousands of people are warmly welcomed through our doors over the next 2 days and are elated with the special treasures they find!

We do all this for our YOUTH and our West Seattle community! Proceeds from this gigantic sale subsidize the cost of the youth Memorial Day Retreat (hyper link). Our teenagers bring friends to this retreat, friends who may have never heard the message God has especially for them. We also hope our community experiences the love of Christ in our midst. In that sense, the sale has become an annual event that can literally change lives!

Contact: Karol Aronson