Giving FAQ

Giving FAQ

Is e-Giving secure?
Yes. West Side Presbyterian Church (WSPC) uses an established third-party vendor (i.e., Dwolla) as a clearing house to transfer funds to our bank. As part of our privacy policy, information submitted online is protected by physical, electronic and procedural safeguards in compliance with applicable federal and state regulations, including firewalls and data encryption. You can read the entire privacy statement here.

Can I give to multiple funds (e.g., Ministries, Missions, Building)?
No. All online contributions will be allocated based upon the unified giving percentages as outlined in the current year Funding Guide. This policy provides a measure of assurance that we can meet WSPC’s financial obligations with respect to staff, ministries, facilities operating costs and missions and at the same time, minimize the administrative costs associated with online giving.

How do I complete the e-Giving form?
Follow these steps to complete the e-Giving form:

  1. Click the e-Giving link to be directed to the online giving form
  2. In the right-hand column, enter your total gift amount
  3. Select whether you intend your gift to be recurring (see below for more information on recurring gifts) or a one-time gift
  4. Enter your financial and personal information
  5. Click “Review & Submit”

Can I set up recurring gifts?
Yes. You can set up a recurring gift on the e-Giving form by selecting a type of recurring transaction in the Donation Frequency box. If you have questions about recurring donations, you may contact Sue Williams, WSPC Financial Secretary.

Are there fees associated with Online Giving?
No. Dwolla no longer charges for bank transfers, so your entire donation goes to WSPC.

What types of bank accounts can I give from?
You can give online from your personal checking or savings account.

Can I give via credit card?
No. WSPC’s online giving does not provide for the acceptance of credit cards.

When is the contribution charged to my checking account or debit card?
Transactions usually take 2-3 business days, so contributions scheduled on Friday through Sunday may not show up on your account until early the following week.

I have additional questions about online giving that have not been addressed. Who can I talk to?
For any questions, concerns or comments about the online giving system, please email us. You will receive a response from our staff as soon as possible.

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