In-Person FAQ

What if I’ve already received a vaccine or had COVID-19? Do I need a mask?

Regardless of whether you have received the vaccine or have previously had COVID-19, you still must follow our safety guidelines to participate in in-person services. It is still possible to transmit the disease even after you have had the vaccine or COVID-19.

Will there still be Sunday worship online?

Yes! We will continue to offer online worship on Sunday mornings at 10am. You can view these services on our YouTube channel.

Can I bring my kids?

We love to see families in worship all together! Young children may wear their own smaller face masks. At this time, there will be no nursery or Sunday School.

Will there be time for fellowship to catch up with others?

Not at this time. We ask that you exit the church at the end of the service and once you are outside you are welcome to catch up as you maintain social distancing.

What will in-person worship look like? Will there be singing?

Worship in person will include singing with masks on at services where everyone is vaccinated. Musicians will also be in masks.

Can I bring my own coffee or snacks?

We ask that you not bring any food or drinks into West Side as part of our safety protocol.

Can I still give in person?

As you enter or exit the worship space there will be an Offering Box if you choose to give in person, or you may continue to give online.