What is Rooted?

Rooted is a small group discipleship experience that inspires questions, conversations, and experiences designed to connect people to God, the Church, and their purpose.

Rooted isn’t simply a Bible study or a book. Through Rooted, people will learn to practice 7 Rhythms essential to a healthy relationship with Jesus. Individuals will establish firm roots in the truth of God’s Word through personal study and then come together to discuss and practice what they’re learning in a space where they are safe and known.

Designed to be facilitated over 10 weeks, Rooted will energize existing groups as well as provide a clear pathway for new people to become connected—all while establishing foundational beliefs and practices for life in biblical community.

For more information, email Chris at chrisk@wspc.org or check out the Rooted website.

Rooted is more than a Bible Study or a program, Rooted is an experience.
Your Rooted group will explore the Bible, engage in prayer, serve together, and practice rhythms essential to a healthy spiritual life. 

Topics Discussed Include:

• Who is God?
• How does God speak to us?
• Where is God in the midst of suffering?
• There is an enemy
• How can I make the most of my life?
• How does God view money?
• Why and how should I tell others?
• Why is the church important?

Register for Rooted

Join us during Lent 2023.