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Racial Justice and Reconciliation

As followers of Jesus, we seek racial justice and reconciliation. The Bible is sufficient in inspiration and wisdom for how we can bring about racial justice and reconciliation. Let's grow our roots deep into the Biblical call to justice for fruit that will grow for generations to come.
Interested in a good overview of Biblical Justice? See this article from Tim Keller.

City Serve Report from Highland Park | August 24, 2020

Over the past week, West Side volunteers have spent nearly 30 person/hours working in small groups to make the grounds at Highland Park School look good and be a credit to the neighborhood.

On Tuesday, August 8, Janie Garris and Janet Rice Schreiner met me at the school and spent a couple of hours productively removing weeds and trimming shrubs near the building entry. On Saturday, August 22, Rick Boogaard and Mike Hanson trimmed hedges, and cleared away weeds with Mike’s weed whacker. Then they began the larger job of cleaning up plant beds in the amphitheater area. Seattle Schools volunteer coordinator Gretchen DeDecker was on hand and pitched in with weeding in the Rain Garden. I managed to help Gretchen with moving a pile of bark mulch and some other general site cleanup.

On Sunday, August 23, a group from Bethany West pitched in and continued with the work in the amphitheater area. Between Bethany and West Side, we are making good progress but there is plenty of work left to do so please don’t be shy. If you can pitch in for just a few hours that’s perfect. Just give me a call or email.
We are, of course, limited to work outdoors, and must work in small groups. We have no access to the building and our efforts are limited to two to four hours at a time. Masks and hand washing are, of course, required.

This work is needed and appreciated. Demonstrating our love for students and faculty at Highland Park seems as important as ever. As Highland Park finds its way into remote digital learning, there are likely to be additional opportunities to serve, so stay tuned. If you have ideas or questions about City Serve and the outreach ministry we are trying to develop at Highland Park, please give me a call at 206-819-9337 or email me at [email protected]

—Dick Ramsey