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Spiritual growth… being closer to God… finding strength and comfort through fellowship with other Christians who love and care for you. These are things that delight our Lord. They are also the goals of the small groups that meet at West Side.

Are you are looking for a group of Christians that you can meet with regularly and grow in your walk with Christ? Maybe you want to deepen your understanding of the Bible or perhaps pray for specific needs of missionaries or kids in our schools? West Side has over twenty different groups of adults that gather for one or more of these reasons, and they would like to invite you to join them.

Some of them meet in members’ homes, while others meet in the church; some consist of just men, or women, or couples, or moms. See our Small Groups Listing of the different groups at West Side. (Also available in booklet format from the church office.)

If you would like more information on our Small Group Ministry or would like to join a small group please contact the church office.

Dispatches from the Small Group Frontier

Heart Warming Stories of Small Group Experiences


If you have not been involved in a small group, I encourage you to consider one this year. Having been involved in small groups for close to 20 years I consider my time in small group as my first priority each year. The blessings of fellowship, love, prayers of intercession on my behalf, the increase in knowledge of the Bible and of my faith are the reasons small group is so important to me. I do not know what I would do without my small group.

Through small groups I have met West Siders I probably would not otherwise have met (you know, that first-service, second-service thing). I have also come to see what I call the “God threads”, how He connects us, sometimes long before we actually meet, to remind us of His much larger plan for our lives. And I have been supported in times of trials through prayer, through listening, through practical deeds (meals, help with an aging parent); support that has allowed me to walk through the trials and have a greater understanding I can apply when someone else is in that circumstance.

There are a variety of small groups at West Side; check them out and if you do not find a fit you like, start a new group. You will be blessed and you will grow in your walk with the Lord. That has been my experience and I would love for everyone at West Side to have that experience.

—Freda Everett


When we first started attending West Side, just after going through the New Member Class, we were asked if we wanted to be part of a small group. We were new to West Seattle and West Side, so participating in the group seemed like a good way to get to know others at West Side and grow in our faith with other believers.

Our small group was a mix of new and old West Siders, comprised of six couples. We were all pretty similar in age and where we were in life – only one young child among us. We really hit it off — walking alongside each other, praying for each other, and enjoying each other’s company at social gatherings and outings.

We were together for several years (10 kids later) when we stopped meeting (finding an evening to meet with no conflicts was challenging). We continued to meet on occasion socially, and looking back, seeds were sown for lasting friendships.

A couple of years ago we were asked to join in a newly-formed small group. This group was different than that first group we were in – this group was comprised of different ages and stations in life. It has been refreshing to meet with these couples and to get to know them, dig into God’s Word, and continue to grow in our understanding of God’s truth.

—Noël and Jamie Foulk


My Small Group experiences through the years have included the Oasis Men’s Group, and more recently The Library Book Club.  The idea for the Oasis gathering was initiated during a Men’s Retreat 15 years ago, and originally fostered by Ken Wilson, a long-time member.  Many books, chapters and books of the Bible, and Paul Smith’s sermons have been torn apart and put back together in discussion by the men of Oasis over the years.  The Library Book Club has been gathering monthly over the past year to review and discuss books brought in by each attendee.  Some of these books have Christian content and direction, and some do not.  We have found value in listening to one another’s passion for a particular read.

The value of Small Group involvement for me stems from the connectedness and fellowship made available from others.  God made us for one another; to listen, to speak, to consider another view.  Comparatively, when we isolate ourselves from others, we are left with one perspective, our own, and this can many times lead to our discomfort and inability to see reality.  But when you meet in a Small Group with the focus upon God’s word, it all becomes much richer and easier to see His truths and to hear Him speaking to you.

I am not unlike you, our schedules remaining busy, with all attendant matters of business, family, friends, church, and recreation.  And it becomes easy to not put another obligation into our lives.  However, the commitment to a Small Group can reap untold perspective, surprises, joy, and Truth.  We were made to connect with one another, and ultimately, with Jesus Christ.

—Mark Koelling

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