Sunday Resources

Sunday, October 25

  • Print out the Children’s Bulletin and grab some crayons for your kids: Early Childhood | Elementary
  • Livestream the service at 10:00am while your kids work on the bulletin activities (join us in the chat on YouTube).
  • Pastor Laurie's sermon series is titled "The Big Story." Watch God's Story: Ruth and answer the questions below:
What did Ruth do when her husband died?
What did Ruth say when Naomi tried to get her to leave?
Where was Naomi's home?
Where did Ruth go to get food?
What is gleaning?
Who was Boaz to Naomi?
Who is our redeemer?
Where was Ruth supposed to lie down?
How did Boaz save Ruth and Naomi?
Who was Ruth's great grandson?
Who else was born in Ruth's family line?

Activity: Harvest Picture

Print out Ruth Craft picture (recommend printing on cardstock if possible. If you don't have cardstock you can print it out and then glue it to a piece of cardboard. Each printout contains two pictures.)
Assorted dried seeds, lentils, peas, beans or whatever you already have or can gather.

Instructions: Cover each section of the wheat picture with glue and fill in with seeds, or lentils etc. to make a harvest picture.