At West Side we are all about community – moving from strangers to friends, from friends to family.

We belong to each other in a world that often leaves us feeling alone. The Christian faith worships a God who is one God in three persons: the Father/Creator, Jesus the Son/Savior and the Holy Spirit – often described as the love between the Father and the Son. So right at the heart of our faith and worship is a God who is unified as one God, and at the same time unique persons in loving relationship.

Since we have been made in God’s image, it is no surprise that He desires the same sort of community for us. One of the great goals of Christian community, the Church, is to celebrate each person’ uniqueness while seeking to draw our hearts together in the goal of serving, enjoying, and glorifying God in Christ.

Although we are diverse, we find powerful common ground in our commitment to follow Jesus Christ, and to live out his befriending mission in the world.

Our goal at West Side is that everyone come to know Jesus Christ and grow in relationship to him. We are committed to nurture and encourage and minister to each other while growing we as a healthy community of faith in which each of us finds a place. We invite you to visit West Side Presbyterian Church to get to know the community and encourage you to become a vital part of God’s mission in the world.

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