Weekly Announcements for week of November 2

SPECIAL PEOPLE Every year since 1945 we have given gifts to our Special People at their Christmas dinner. Please help us make this day memorable for them. On November 9, we will have their names available in the Narthex. Take one, buy a gift, wrap it and bring it to …

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Fall Madness

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(Good News newsletter, October 2014) Many of us have heard of “March Madness.” I would like to coin a new term, “Fall Madness.” Fall is the time when everything picks up again, for example: school, sports, church and school programs, the arts and music programs, study clubs/groups. For parents especially, …

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Weekly Announcements for week of October 26

SPECIAL PEOPLE Sunday, October 26 at 2pm, our guests will enjoy a nourishing meal.  Dee Egerton and JoAnn Jordan will then share their experiences meeting with the young people they support and sponsor in Guatemala. Thank you, volunteers, for your capable assistance. CHRISTMAS MUSIC SUNDAY Ken Pendergrass invites you to sing …

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Movie Review: The Identical

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Movie Review: The Identical (Good News newsletter, October 2014) Two little boys were born but only Elvis Presley survived. It has been written that he always felt guilty about that. I’m sure he must have wondered what it would have been like if his twin had survived. We all replay …

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Weekly Announcements for week of October 19


Congregational Hearing Tuesday, October 21, 7:00pm – Session has called for a Congregational Hearing to obtain input for the 2015 Funding Guide. The Funding Guide Committee will have a preliminary working document to study at the meeting. Your input is needed so the final product is something we can support …

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More Thoughts on Budgeting… Especially for Women

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(Good News newsletter, October 2014) At the end of August I had an opportunity to go to a special financial seminar tailored for women. The speaker (Manisha Thakor) was excellent. I would like to share some ideas she made about women and long term financial issues. Please consider her words …

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