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Blesses Big Sunday was November 21, but you can still donate through November 30.
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Advent is here! See all of our services and events HERE.

Worship Time During Advent

November 28-December 19

During Advent, we are excited for the return of all-church gatherings in Howell each Sunday between services – see the schedule for the special events and activities following the 9am service every week. To make space this Advent for these gatherings we are extending the time between services by 15 minutes. So if you worship at 10:30am still come at the earlier time to join into the events in Howell before we begin worship in the sanctuary at 10:45am beginning November 28.

9am Traditional Worship | 10:45am Contemporary Worship

Welcome to West Side

At West Side, We are all about community - moving from stranger to friends, from friends to family.
We belong to each other in a world that often leaves us feeling alone.

We find common ground in our commitment to follow Jesus Christ, and to live out his befriending mission in the world. During this time of COVID-19, our need for community and a deeper understanding of Christ’s love, has never been more acutely felt! We are eager to see what Christ has in store for our church, our community and our city!

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey!

Worship with us,
online and in-person

Welcome to West Side

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Current Sermon Series

All I Want For Christmas...

I wonder what was on your Christmas wish list as a child? Advent anticipates Jesus, our Messiah and Savior. This year we reconnect with the original Christmas wish list – the promises God made to be fulfilled when the Messiah returns.

Join us as we look back at the promises of God fulfilled in Christ and forward to the gift of Jesus’ return.

We would love to have you worship with us!

Washington State Mask Mandates 

In context of loving others as ourselves, we are asking that all those attending events at WSPC wear masks whether vaccinated or not. Because the pandemic is not over, and because we want to protect everyone. We appreciate your help.

On July 27, the CDC has recommended that counties that are in the substantial or high level of transmission rates wear masks indoors. At this time, King County falls in the high level (King County Indicators). Currently Washington State requires that masks be worn indoors regardless of vaccination status.

Advent Services and Events