Grow, pray, serve and build relationships

"Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together...” 
Hebrews 10:24-25a

We may not be able to gather all together for worship, prayer or fellowship at this time…
but we ARE coming together through “Connect Groups”! See below for our Safe Gathering Guide and Resources.

Sermon Guide for Connect Groups

The first generation of believers met in homes. Their gatherings included welcome, worship, the word and witness (their mission focus!). Our guides this sermon series offer a pattern you may want to try this spring when you gather in Connect Groups or as Spiritual Friends. Find our sermon guides HERE.

Connect Group Safe Gathering Guide

This extended time of pandemic is taking a toll on our spiritual and emotional well-being, so we encourage you to find ways to begin to regather in person with your Connect Groups.

Gathering with others is never entirely risk free but there are ways for small groups of 10 or less to begin regathering even in a time of high community infection rates (see chart here).

Remember the 3C’s + M

Crowded spaces, Closed spaces, Contact time and Masks all factor into the transmission of airborne viruses. Here is how to take this into account with your small groups.
  • Crowded spaces – try to gather where you can all spread out. Even outdoors remember that social distancing is important.
  • Closed spaces – the key here is air circulation. Can you open windows and have a fan that keeps air moving away from people? Air filters with a HEPA filter are effective too. Outdoor gathering is optimal.
  • Contact time – should be reduced. Try taking an outdoor break and really airing out the space if you are together longer.
  • Masks – are really important, even for group members that have been vaccinated and even outside.

Be Open with Each Other About Your Exposure to Covid-19

How likely are you to be exposed to the Covid-19 virus? Use the Covid-19 risk calculator. Consider one’s own risk for serious Covid-19 complications, including the risk of those you live with. With greater risk of complications, regather with others when infection level is lower.

Form a Bubble!

  • It is safest to form a group bubble or pod where individuals have similar risks of being exposed to others (i.e. similar types and amount of contact with others) or have all been vaccinated.
  • Meet in bubbles with a “Covenant of Safety.” For example, everyone agrees that if one person has been travelling, for example, they will not meet in person for a time until their exposure
  • Small groups may decide to have hybrid meetings where vaccinated members can meet indoors together while still provide online platforms for those unvaccinated to join in.
  • Do not recommend meals together when group meetings first restart at the recommended infection threshold; wait until infection rate is lower. Enjoying a meal outdoors is a great option – just remember to make space between you!

The key thing is to communicate well, keep your sense of humor and stay flexible!