Bless Big FAQs

How do I participate?

At West Side we have a chance to bless and be blessed! God is generous with us and calls us to give generously of ourselves to express Jesus’ love for others. We have the chance to send a tangible expression of our partnership with brothers and sisters in Christ who are giving visible witness to the good news of Jesus around the world. We’re in this together — encouraging seven designated global mission partners with our prayers and financial gifts through Session matching.


Online: Use the drop-down menu on our online giving page to choose the organization whose work you want to support. All online gifts are passed along without names or contact information to the organizations.

Giving to Multiple Organizations Online: If you would like to give to multiple organizations, you will need to make a separate online gift for each organization. After your first gift, you can select the option to give again. Just chose your next organization on the drop-down menu ("Unified Giving" is the default so just click the down arrow to find the organization you would like to give to).

By check: Make your check out directly to the organization and send it to West Side. We will match the funds and send those funds along with your check to the organization. This way that organization has your contact information to send you a thank you. If you prefer to be anonymous to the organization, write your check to West Side Presbyterian Church and place the name of the organization in the memo line or enclose a letter that clearly designates each organization and the amount you have included for them.

Do I have to choose one of the organizations?

If you do not care to designate any organization then Session will match and allocate your gift to one or more of our global partners. By check, simply write “Bless Big Global” in the memo line of your check. Online, choose “Bless Big Global – General” from the drop-down menu on the online giving page.

How much is Session matching?

For this spring’s Bless Big Global, Session will be matching up to $50,000.

When can we start giving?

Online giving is available starting April 18. Checks can be submitted anytime and should be clearly designated. All gifts must be received by May 12 to be eligible for matching.