Devotion for April 4

Another music focused devotion for your weekend, from Anthony Spain:

In 1994 the struggling record label Angel records released a CD of chant by the Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos. The CD called “Chant,” to the surprise of all, took off and went double platinum in America and sold millions worldwide and the monks to their surprise became overnight celebrities. Even in retrospect, it is in some ways difficult to understand this phenomenon.

Gregorian Chant, dating back over 1000 years, is after all music that is only monophonic, devoid of any strong rhythms, and has no instruments. Ironically, these reasons have also ensured its success. Peter Scazzero in “Emotionally Healthy Spiritualty” says “Why don’t we take appropriate care of ourselves? Why are so many Christians, along with the rest of our culture, frantic, exhausted, overloaded, and hurried? Chant, with its simple texture and free rhythms, gradually draws us away from the anxieties that surround us and takes us to a more spiritually centered place."

This past week, both in the sermon last Sunday, and in Pastor Laurie’s devotionals, we were reminded of the power of prayer. Chant draws us instinctively towards prayer, as we quiet toward one focus. As we begin the transition from Palm Sunday into Good Friday of Holy Week, allow prayer and music to lead that focus. Here are 3 links to start you out:

The Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo De Silos

Gregorian Chant-Spiritus Domini

Chant inspired: Salve mater misericordiae
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