Devotion - The Fellowship of Believers

All this week our devotions are from members of the West Side family. Since we are separated during this time, and you are hearing a good deal from me as your pastor but less, perhaps, from one another, it's a gift to hear and join in how others in our fellowship are walking with Jesus during this time.

Today’s devotion is from Dave Pimblett. Dave is current serving as an elder and has spent MANY years working with our youth. Dave is grandfather to four grandsons who he loves spending time with. He usually travels for work so has happy to be at home for the past several months!

During this time in the church calendar, I often think about what was happening with the disciples and Jesus's followers in the days and weeks after Pentecost. After hiding in Jerusalem frightened for their very lives and waiting for but not really knowing what Jesus had "promised" they are now empowered with the Holy Spirit and all kinds of amazing things are happening around them "And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved." What an amazing time that must have been.

During this strange time that we are currently living in, I think the way the disciples and followers were living as described in Acts 2 42-47 is an image we can all aspire to in various ways.

The disciples are no longer afraid to go out and be seen, even at the Temple. I know many of us are waiting in our homes, longing to be able to go out and attend church, meet with church friends and family members. Are we all using this time at home to devoting ourselves to the Apostles teachings? Are we all ready to go out into the world again and show God's love to everybody?

I have an image of what heaven will be like and it is described in Acts 2 verse 44-47, imagine the love and fellowship that is being shown to everybody, we know from Acts 2 verse 41 there are at least 3,000 people who are now believers. We know from Acts 2 verse 5-11 that these people were from all over the region and even from as far away as Rome. No matter where they were from, what language they spoke, or what color their skin was, they were welcomed. This is the picture of heaven I have in my head.

My challenge to us is to strive to do this today! Imagine what this world would be like if we lived and loved like that.

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