Devotion - June 25

Psalms 121-125, Proverbs 25, Matthew 6:25-34

This will be a quick devotional, because honestly I've found when it comes to the 'worries of life, the deceitfulness of wealth and the desires for other things' (Mark 4:19, the 'thorns' that choke out Jesus' message of the kingdom of God) a lot of extra words don't help.

Two words help.

A verse of Scripture that refocuses our attention on God's love, sufficiency, generosity or faithfulness. Perhaps one from today's readings will stand out to you. Perhaps you have another verse that God's Spirit brings to mind.

A word of prayer entrusting ourselves again to God's love, sufficiency, generosity or faithfulness.

And if you really want to clear the ground of thorns, an act of thankful, tangible generosity to another is like Round-up to those soul soil thorns -- without the nasty chemical side effects ;-)
Let's not let the thorns grow today.

Lord Jesus, there is no use denying that we worry, turn to wealth or comfort for our sense of flourishing, or just plain get distracted by other desires. You give, you love, you heal, you provide -- you know what we need before we ask. We ask all the same, with thanksgiving ...

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