Red Light, Green Light

Have you ever played red light, green light with a group of kids? I love playing this game! During COVID-19 however, I feel like somebody keeps shouting “red light”, “red light”, “red light!”

I’m ready to move, and I’m waiting for a green light. And then I hear the words “red light” again. Like many of you, trying to navigate this season has not only been hard, but also frustrating. We all need encouragement!

What we thought might be a three- or four-week interruption, turned into a five-month jog. Now, it’s a no-end-in-sight marathon as we find ourselves enduring a pandemic in a racially-charged country approaching a contentious election season. So, brace yourself and get your sneakers on.

I’ve discussed with students how hearing terms like: “unprecedented times,” “remote learning,” “social distancing,” and the “new normal,” will immediately take us back to this 2020 pandemic season in the future. Yet these already overused phrases don’t really get to the heart of our experience. Perhaps truer terms would be: fear, anxiety, politics, loneliness, racism, uncertainty, and isolation.

This September, we will resume our Zoom small groups as we discuss, question, explore and navigate this season. I’m looking forward to seeing your kids virtually … and physically when we receive the green light!

Please know I am in this journey with you, praying with you and for you! If you want to talk or socially distance walk just let me know!

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