Internship with Kids Alive International

Be a part of something big — support the work of Cooper Guidry as he serves as an intern with Kids Alive International in the Dominican Republic!

Cooper regularly attended our youth group and Memorial Day Retreats during his middle and high school years. Many of you might have met him serving at Vacation Bible School or during our garage sales. He also was a member of our 2021 DR Mission team.

Interns provide a critical boost to the ministry of Kids Alive International as they work with KAI missionaries and staff to multiply their efforts. Cooper will assist in team hosting roles in Caraballo, Constanza and Santo Domingo East when visiting work groups are present (like our adult DR team!). He will also assist with afterschool sports programs at the Constanza school helping with logistics and mentoring. In addition, Cooper will work with child sponsorship, school maintenance, tutoring and supervising children.  

In addition to filling critical roles, our hope and prayer is that the experience of serving in ministry will help shape Cooper’s character and future career. By partnering financially, you are providing an opportunity for Cooper to fulfill what God has called him to do, to be mentored by those already serving on the mission field, and to explore what God might have in store for his future. This might even be the experience God uses to call him to full-time missions!
Before arriving on the field, Cooper needs to raise funds on behalf of Kids Alive to cover his own ministry support needs. Your gifts will enable Cooper to bring the hope of Christ to at-risk children in the Dominican Republic.
You can support Cooper by donating directly to Kids Alive International. Note: under payment information check the box that says: You may send a comment to us if you wish. Type support for DR intern Cooper Guidry - #130154.
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