Strategic Vision Team - January Update

Thank you for praying for the Strategic Vision team that met with our consultant from the Unstuck Group over January 14-15! We had a fruitful and encouraging two days, directed toward understanding our mission field, dreaming about a 5-year vision and clarifying initiatives toward that vision.

One distinct theme that emerged is the gift that West Side’s longevity and stability as a worshiping congregation is and can be to those experiencing transition in our community – especially for youth and young adults as they navigate the transitions from a childhood faith into becoming a mature adult disciple who is dedicated to and equipped for Jesus’ mission in the world.
Our next step is to take this work to the elders at Session for refining and testing. Please be praying for insight and discernment for the Session as we engage this good work. Let’s also give thanks to the whole of the vision team. There was a shared dedication to Jesus’ gospel and mission, a unity of purpose and a lot of laughter in that room.

If you would like to learn more about the work of the Unstuck Group with churches here is a link to the website and podcast!

Strategic Vision Team: Grace Blum, Laurie Brenner, Craig Chamberlain, Anila Finnegan, Kraig Kennedy, Chris Koch, Tim Johnson, Josh Kutz, Allan Muller, Steve Vander Hijde, Dee West, Susie Williams.