Motherhood is a journey… and a journey is always better with friends!

For nearly 40 years, MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) has been an important part of West Side Presbyterian Church. We build circles of women who love each other like family, because we believe in the transformative potential of relationships and mentoring. Discussions about life, faith and parenting help equip moms, and give encouragement! We believe in the simple but revolutionary idea that remarkable things happen when moms come together!

Our theme for MOPS this year is "We Go Together"

If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. (Romans 12:18, NIV)

Over the past few years, too many relationships have ended due to division and different viewpoints. This is the year to fix what’s broken. Refuse to spend any extra time on petty arguments or trivial disagreements. We won’t let differences divide us; we don’t have time for this kind of no-win wandering. The people around Jesus were always trying to bait him into black/white, right/wrong, and he always found the third way. He wasn’t offended, wasn’t defensive. Instead, he was the one turning water into wine, eating with his enemies, providing stimulating conversation and healing people. Because of that, everyone wanted Jesus at their parties.

This year, we will be people who do things, not people who talk about how others are doing things. We’ll offer help more readily than we offer criticism. When we feel judged or criticized, we’ll assume the best. If we mess up, we’ll ask for forgiveness. We’ll learn from each other and surround ourselves with people who are different from us. Instead of dwelling on our insecurities that cause us to huddle together, we’ll dismantle the cliques that make us feel safe and look for ways to make others feel included. Everyone is in. Everyone is welcome. We’ll be teachable. Uniters instead of dividers.

Check out this link and video that explains more:

Want to join us?

Morning meetings are back! Last year, due to COVID precautions we met in the evening with no childcare, but this year we are moving our meetings back to the morning and are, in faith, planning on having our childcare program back for children 6 months – 5 years old.

WHEN: 1st and 3rd Friday mornings of the month, 9:30-11:30am, FIRST MEETING: October 7, 2022.

WHERE: West Side Presbyterian Church, 3601 California Ave SW

COST: $52, but West Side Presbyterian Church has generously offered to cover half of the costs for each mom so it is only $26/person. If finances are still an issue, scholarships are available.

QUESTIONS: To ask questions about MOPS, email
*Scholarships available
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